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Herbina ( SOLD )
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(Murat-Nur - Habia)

Mare, grey, 2005
Sire line: Krzyżyk or.ar. 1869
Dam line: Mlecha or.ar. ~1840
Breeder: Andrzej Szubart
Owner: Titanium Arabians
Height: 157

 Murat-Nur  Banat  El Azrak  Faher
 Bandola  Witraż
 Murat-Hanum  Muharyt  Witraż
 Murcja  Comet
 Habia  Floret  Eukaliptus  Bandos
 Furda  Andrut
 Habina  Alegro  Probat ***
 Hajnówka  El Paso

In 2011 in endurance training

Herbina is Polish-bred grey mare. She is a daughter of brave Kuhailan type stallion - Murat-Nur. He was bred by the legendary establisher of Oaza Kuhailan private farm - Zygmunt Braur. Murat-Nur was a son of Banat - UK National Champion Stallion. This classic kuhailan representative of Krzyżyk db. line - halfbrother ot legendary Bandos, inbred to the stallion Witraż was combining its best features. Banat was the sire of many excellent mares: Pipi (Poliosh National Champion and one of Polish best broodmares), Czata (twice All Nations Cup Champion, UK National Champion and World Reserve Champion) and stallions: foundation for Polish breeding Arbil or Gabaryt (Champion in France, Belgium and UK). From the dam side Murat-Nur comes from the legendary establisher of Oaza Kuhailan mare - Murcja. Her daughter and the dam of Murat-Nur - Murat-Hanum was considered as the best Polish private bred btroodmare in Poland in the 70'ies.

Herbina is a representative of Mlecha damline. She comes from the best daughter of Amurath Sahib - Bałałajka dam of US National Champion Stallion - Bask and priceless Bandola.From this line comes Harmonia who established the "H" family. Its representatives are: Haracz (Polish and Swedish National Champion), Harbin (Polish National Champion, brave on the racetruck placed 17 times in money out of 18 starts winner of Piechur and Wielki Szlem Stakes), Hulanka (Scandinavian Res. Champion)  or Hun (US Region I & III Champion).Habia dam of Herbina was excellent sport mare. In 2003 she got 2 gold and 3 silver medals at Polish Nationals in Western and Rodeo.

In Herbina pedigree we can also find such famous horses as El Paso, Comet or Eukaliptus - epochal sire in Polish breeding.


Selected achievements of ancestors:
Murat-Nur 3/21 (5-4-4)
Banat 4/39 (6-3-12-8)
Alegro 2/15 (2-1-3)
Eukaliptus 2/13 (2-1-4-1)

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