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Sokołda ( SOLD - United Arab Emirates )
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(Oset - Sawina)

Mare, black, 2004
Sire line: Kuhailan Afas or.ar. 1930
Dam line: Mlecha or.ar. ~1840
Breeder: Boguslaw Dąbrowski
Owner: Titanium Arabians
Height: 155

 Oset  Alegro  Probat ***  Pohaniec
 Algeria  Celebes
 Osełka  Palas ****  Aswan
 Ostka  Krezus
 Sawina  Wagram ****  Tallin **  Nabeg
 Wendeta  Palas ****
 Salamandra  Alegro  Probat ***
 Saragossa  Argo

homozygotous black (Labogena Paris certificate)

Sokołda is black dynamic mover representative of Mlecha female line. This Polis-bred mare has a special pedigree. Her sire - Oset was the best 2 years old colt at Junior Spring Show in 1995 is tracking directly from fourth-crowned Orla.
She was the ancestor to the multiple race winners as: halfbrother to Oset - Ostragon (Derby St & Michałów St), Orgia (Triplecrowned), Order (Sasanka St.), Orszak (Piechur St.), Orgia Fata and many more. Here you can also find some good show horses as Ostróżka - Polish National Res. Champion or Olita - Res. Champion at Scottsdale and Scandinavian Champion.

From Sokołda female line also many race stars track back as Savvannah, Sarmacja, Sasanka or Saszetka.
This family is also represented by some show stars as Sefora - Polish National Champion Mare, Salamandra - granddam of Sokołda gave birth to Szanta - Res. Champion at Vilhelmsborg and she produced Słonka - junior champion and best in show winner.

Sokołda is also a rare granddaughter of Wagram, who made great tributes in international endurances. Wagram - Res. Champion of Argentina, is a sire of many fantastic endurance horses as: Ro Nilo Abu Dhabi Presidents Cup winner in 2004 beating the worlds record at 160km distance. His other son - Ro Saad won the Emirates Perpetual Cup on 120 km, beating the new record. Also one of his daughters - Ro Fabiola beaten the record of the speed of her halfbrother Ro Nilo on 160 km. She holds a lot of 'Best Condition' titles including Presidents Cup (160 km).She also won Emirates Perpetual Cup on 120 km and was second at Presidents Cup (160km)... We hope to use this great genetic impact in a proper way.

Breeding career

2009 Vae Victis Psyche by Etnondrons Psyche
2010 Sobowtór by Djin Lotois****


2013 - 3/39 Fontainebleau CEIYJ ** 130km
2012 - 2/40 Chanac CEI ** 130km
2012 - 1/7 Dijon , Grand Prix 90km
2011 - 23/73 Tartas CEI ** 125km
2011 - 24/140 Compiegne CEI ** 130km
2011 - 2/31 Luxembour CEI * 100km

1/5 (1-0-0)

Selected achievements of ancestors:
Oset 2/15 (1-1-3-1-3)
Osełka 1/6 (1-2-2)
Ostka 3/17 (3-1-0-4)
Sawina 2/12 (1-0-4-2)
Alegro 2/15 (2-1-3)

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