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Sobowtór ( SOLD )
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(Djin Lotois **** - Sokołda)

Colt, grey, 2010
Sire line: Saklawi II AR 1895
Dam line: Mlecha or.ar. ~1840
Breeder: Titanium Arabians
Owner: Titanium Arabians

 Djin Lotois ****  Arzew ****  Masan ****  Hadbah Enzahi
 Solonka  Salon
 Djebelia ****  Dahman ****  Hadbah Enzahi
 Sbah Hani  BA Touste
 Sokołda  Oset  Alegro  Probat
 Osełka  Palas ****
 Sawina  Wagram ****  Tallin **
 Salamandra  Alegro

Sobowtór, our home bred colt is a son of Djin Lotois DRE**** IRE**, French "endurance sire". Born at "Elevage du Barthas" he already sired many successful endurance competitors in France and abroad. The ones should be mentioned: Lima du Barthas (I. CEI ** Sommant 2009, 5. CEI*** Florac 2008), Lazis du Barthas (13 m. President Cup 2010, I. CEI*** Vigan 2009, 2. Euston Park CEI** 2009, 4. CEI*** Casorate Sempione (Italy) 2008), Kartum du Barthas (I. CEI*** Sommant 2008), Sham Charca (2. CEI*** Rambouillet 2008), Kabile de Frons (I. Championat Uzès 2004), Mekmess du Barthas ( 3. Championat Belgii, 120 km, 2009), Jelma du Barthas (I.120 km Néris les Bains 2004)... The list of his successful progeny is long and getting longer every year.
The sire of Djin Lotois was very prominent stallion Arzew****.The representative of Saklawi II AR line he sired the best endurance horses in France. He is a sire of such prestigious horses as: Flyntor ****182 ( III in the World Championships ranking in 2003 , French National Champion 2003), Sheitan de Rachaty ****,Fatima del Saul **** and many more. Dam of Arzew is famous Solonka/Salon and the sire - Masan ****, exceptional sire, grandson of legendary Nazeer. In Arzew pedigree we can find the Polish roots: Skowronek, Arax, Piołun or Towarzysz Pancerny, bred in Janów Podlaski out of Kasztelanka, the Elsissa line that already disappeared.
In the veins of Sobowtór there is also a blood of legandary Dahman****, called the "establisher of the breed" not without a reason - the best French endurance horses comes from his line.

The dam of Sobowtór is our Polish import Sokołda. This mare representing the family of Mlecha is a rare granddaughter of Wagram**** who made great tributes in international endurances. Wagram - Res. Champion of Argentina, is a sire of many fantastic endurance horses as: Ro Nilo Abu Dhabi Presidents Cup winner in 2004 beating the worlds record at 160km distance. His other son - Ro Saad won the Emirates Perpetual Cup on 120 km, beating the new record. Also one of his daughters - Ro Fabiola beaten the record of the speed of her halfbrother Ro Nilo on 160 km. She holds a lot of "Best Condition" titles including Presidents Cup (160 km).She also won Emirates Perpetual Cup on 120 km and was second at Presidents Cup (160km)... We hope that this interesting Polish-French cross will fullfill our expectations.

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